Unrequited Love Songs of the Sera Myu, Track 6: Stay Alone

Stay Alone is one of Pluto’s themes for the musicals, about the loneliness of her role as the Guardian of Time and Space. I specifically linked the revised version used in Shin Densetsu Kourin, because it refers specifically (though vaguely) to the pain of her love for Endymion (the original version said something about Super Sailor Moon having to carry on the duty of saving the world or something). It’s a beautiful song with a haunting melody and instrumentals, and poignant lyrics that fit Pluto perfectly- lonely, but with a strength to persevere for the sake of duty.

The song was originally performed in the Henshin Musicals in 1995, but as those musicals were never recorded, I can’t show you that version (I’d love to see it though). Rei Saitou recorded her own version for the SuperS musical soundtrack, and there are also a few rare clips of her singing it for various first stage promotional events. Miho Yokoi, the last actress to play Sailor Pluto, also sang it for the Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteiban Fankan.

Lyrics and translation can be found at Usagi Love Magic.

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Unrequited Love Songs of the Sera Myu, Track 5: Just Love Warurarenai

Another lovely Hikari solo, this time in 1999 in her performance as the Pirate Queen, Loof Merrow.

This is a song about Loof Merrow realizing that she might just be in love with Endymion. As much as I love Loof and the actress playing her, I have one thing to say about that- get in line. LOL. Seriously though. Who ISN’T in love with Endymion/Mamoru/Tux? Loof is just the last in a long, long line of heartbroken ladies (and a couple not ladies as well!). The fact that it’s ANOTHER person in love with Endymion tends to keep me from taking this entire subplot seriously, but it is a lovely song that shows us a side of Hikari we don’t always get to see- one that is gentle, vulnerable, and overwhelmingly feminine. She sounds pretty good singing this kind of song too.

The song was also performed at the Fankan for Black Lady Kaiteiban in a medley with Koshuuki, another Hikari solo from when she played Bloody Vampir Dracul.

Lyrics and translations can be found at Usagi Love Magic.

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Unrequited Love Songs of the Sera Myu, Track 4: Chinmoku no Hameln

Now for a song about a totally different variety of unrequited love- Chinmoku no Hameln, the Grimmseijin’s lament for their lost planet and race.

The Grimmseijin were characters exclusive to the musicals. Basically, they were people from a planet called Grimm, which was wiped out by the Death Busters. They chased the Death Busters to Earth to infiltrate Mugen Academy and seek revenge through the power of the Silver Crystal. Around the midpoint of the musical, they discuss the tragic events that led them to Earth before singing a song of love for their lost planet.

The Grimmseijin tend to be overlooked as characters because they are not only exclusive to the musicals, but also the subject of an admittedly ridiculous sideplot that was kind of shoehorned into the Infinity Arc, which most people tend to think is a pretty good story on its own. However, they were pretty interesting characters in their own right- I honestly think people would like them more if they weren’t so goofy. Chinmoku no Hameln and the scene that goes with it are both actually pretty good- in fact, the song is one of my favorites from Marina’s stage. It also explores themes that are normally neglected for whatever reason among other characters in the same situation- that feeling of nostalgia and longing for a home you can’t return to. Or the theme is explored, but these guys were the only ones to do it in song. :P

The song actually didn’t appear in any other musicals or events as far as I know. It’s a shame, it actually is a pretty good song.

Lyrics and translations can be found at Usagi Love Magic.

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Unrequited Love Songs of the Sera Myu, Track 3: Innocent Demand

A song that highlights the darker, more depraved side of unrequited love; Innocent Demand is Prince Dimande’s theme.

In the first Act of the play, Sailor Moon, along with Sailor Venus and Tuxedo Mask, journey to the Door of Space-Time to rescue their friends and Crystal Tokyo- but it turns out to be a trap and they are ambushed by the Black Moon Clan. In the midst of the confusion, Prince Dimande shows up and kidnaps Sailor Moon, leaving Venus and Tuxedo Mask to venture to Crystal Tokyo with the Outer Senshi to rescue her as well. Act 2 opens with Prince Dimande singing about the twisted love for Serenity that springs from his resentment of her and her kingdom, and his plans to conquer both her and that kingdom.

Prince Dimande is a very complex character, and he’s one of my favorite villains for that reason. Hikari does a great job playing him for all his complexities too- I’ve heard of people not familiar with the musicals thinking she was actually a man at first! The lyrics to the song are just as complex- their main point seems to be that Dimande is trying to justify his feelings, or perhaps place the blame on Serenity herself. They also get a tad creepy- “I touch pure love when she is asleep”?! However, in the musicals Dimande’s obsession never crosses the boundary of lyrics- which I consider quite fortunate, as poor Marina was only twelve at the time. Either way, the song itself is amazing- certainly among the best in the musicals- and delivered flawlessly by Hikari.

There’s a surprising amount of versions for this song. First it was revised to "New Innocent Demand" for Black Lady Kaiteiban half a year later. The Kaiteiban version amplified the creeper factor with a spoken line between the song’s two parts, but that admittedly made the number more entertaining- I get chills watching her pause and then break into that evil grin! The revised version was used again in the 10th Anniversary Festival, except the meaning of the song was either stripped away or changed to represent Dimande’s opposition to that musical’s villains. It’s still pretty cool though (DAT COSTUME CHANGE), and it’s nice to see Hikari reprise a redeemed version of one of her best roles for her last appearance in the musicals. After Hikari’s departure, New Innocent Demand was used once again in the Starlights Fankan. This version is a tad strange- it starts out with Akiko, who is joined by Ado and Miki. Pretty basic female Myu villain stuff, and not bad considering those three would be the best people to take one of Hikari’s signature songs. And then the first part ends… and chaos ensues. All the Senshi run onstage along with Tuxedo Mask and Yoshi, and then the rest of the song is solo lines by Mai Jupiter and Yuuko Pluto with a little Marina and Kenji at the end… what?! It’s pretty fun to watch though!

Lyrics and translations can be found at Usagi Love Magic.

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I don’t understand anything anymore



I don’t understand anything anymore

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Unrequited Love Songs of the Sera Myu, Track 2: I Miss You

This and Onna no Ronsou are probably the two songs most people think of when one mentions Unrequited Love songs in the musicals. I Miss You is a duet between Usagi and Seiya about both of their currently unrequited feelings.

Right before I Miss You, Usagi is worrying about Mamoru (who, like in the anime, disappeared on the way to his exchange program in America and has not been heard from since) and a fantasy sequence occurs in which the couple reprise their love duet from the Sailor Moon S musical, Gondola no Koibito-tachi. Afterwards, Usagi speaks a few more words about staying strong on her own, and she begins to sing about reminiscing for her days with Mamoru and how much she misses him. Meanwhile, Seiya is eavesdropping from behind and, still unbeknownst to Usagi, begins to sing about her own love for Usagi.

This is a good song for all those Usagi/Seiya shippers :P I don’t ship them myself (as is probably already obvious, I’m a huge fan of Mamoru and hence his relationship with Usagi as well), but I can certainly sympathize when looking at the situation from Seiya’s point of view. Just imagine- what if the person you loved was in love with someone on the other side of the world who refused to even talk to them? If I was in that situation, I would definitely at least wonder why the person wouldn’t notice me instead. While both sides of the song are very sad, Seiya’s pain is particularly heartbreaking to watch, especially considering that the love sideplot barely shows outside of this song- meaning that Seiya is probably holding back from showing her love throughout the rest of Stars and Eien Densetsu. It’s interesting to see how the lyrics from both sides of the song weave together to create a parallel between the agony of both parties.

A different version of the song was performed at the Black Lady Kaiteiban Fankan between Chieco Kawabe (as Ami) and Hikari Ono (who played Dimande at the time but was not in costume for the song). Something for the Ami/Taiki shippers, I suppose? Or maybe the Ami/Dimande shippers, if there are any? Either way, I’m not complaining about Hikari fanservice <3

Lyrics and translations can be found at Starlight Pops.

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Unrequited Love Songs of the Sera Myu, Track 1: Onna no Ronsou

Of course, what better to lead the Unrequited Love playlist than the quintessential Unrequited Love song of the Myu?

Shortly before the song begins, Sailor Galaxia decides that Beryl has outlived her usefulness in her plans to conquer the Universe and readies an attack. As if from nowhere, Sailor Pluto blocks the attack. When Queen Beryl asks why she was saved, Pluto begins to sing and the song becomes a duet in which the two debate their shared forbidden love for Endymion. The two reconcile their differences at the end of the song and Pluto and Saturn send Queen Beryl to the Door of Space and Time, where she will be safe until the end of the battle.

This is a very popular song from the Sera Myu, because it shows a lot of character development for both Pluto and Beryl. It’s also the only place in any Sailor Moon canon where Pluto’s feelings for Endymion are openly discussed, let alone the interaction with Beryl (the two never get a chance to meet in any other form of Sailor Moon). I love the motivations expressed by both characters in the song, because both of their points of view are very relatable for me and I’m sure others reading the translation could also identify.

The song was also performed in Shin Densetsu Kourin and Kakyuu-Ouhi Kourin. The Kakyuu-Ouhi Kourin version is particularly interesting because Usagi and Mamoru are actually there to witness Pluto and Beryl’s confessions- though they don’t show too much of a reaction.

Lyrics and translations can be found at Usagi Love Magic.

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I’ve made a playlist based on the Unrequited Love theme and will be putting the songs on the queue soon. Please continue to send in your ideas for playlists!

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Birthday - April 17th

Birthday - April 17th

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Follower poll!

The lovely undefinedindividual suggested I make playlists of favorite Myu songs- I absolutely loved the idea, so I’m going to ask you guys for some help. Answer this post with one word or picture that you would like me to make a Sera Myu playlist based on. It can be any word or picture you want, but preferably something that can be related to any of the songs- if you write something like “dishwasher” (or put a picture of a dishwasher), that’ll make things a tad difficult.

PS: I’m about to install Photoshop CS3 on my computer, which I’ll be using to [attempt to] make gifs. Wish me luck!

What word do you think could inspire a good Sera Myu playlist?

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